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"How many escape attempts does the facility have to contend with each year? "I've never heard of one in the five years I've been here," she says. " "In fact, the last took place several years before I arrived.Women just do not have the same reaction to incarceration that men do.I am not going to let this happen to another woman." It seems stupid to me now, but for some reason the mechanism that I was running under at the time told me that I had to teach men they could not go around doing whatever they wanted to women. I needed to rob them of their dignity first, and taking the money they had was just another way of hurting them. I wound up having to stab him because he was fighting me. So I made sure--thank God the hospital was only a block and a half away--made sure that he got to his car, you know, and told him where the hospital was. WAS NOT GOING TO STOP UNTIL SHE was dead," Sharon tells me in her office. She committed some very serious crimes, but it's important to understand that a great many of the women here, like her, had their sense of right and wrong badly distorted from a very early age.So I would pick out various men I had seen mistreating women and I would set them up. They would think they were going to get one thing, but they would find out different. CJ: I would beat them, pistol-whip them, and take their money. I was trying to get his money and get out of there, because I had a bad feeling. I was trying to tell him, "Look, I really didn't want to hurt you that bad." I took his shirt and wrapped his arm up. PT: What were the circumstances surrounding the murder charge in 1976? I knew he was bad, that he was committing crimes, but I didn't know much else and he wasn't about to tell me. PT: Even though you didn't know what was really going on at the time? "I have no way of knowing what really happened to her when she was a child, but even if half of her reported abuse is true, it had to have a terrifying effect on how she perceived men. To many, prison was the natural extension of a childhood in which abuse was the only communication.In addition, many find that they can spend some productive time here.It's horrifically ironic, but these women discovered that prison was the first place where they were clothed, fed, sheltered, and listened to in their entire lives." Sharon listens to the women at Bedford Hills Correctional Facility with devout patience.

I would sit and watch men harass girls on the street and say to myself, "Hey, if this woman can't, you know, defend herself against men, then I am going to do it for her. CJ: I wasn't rich, but money was never the reason why I did it. CJ: Well, there was this one man--a very big man that talked in a Norwegian accent.

Inside the front gate, the walls acquire an institutional yellow and gray, the air of informality disappears, and the walls close in as the security procedures begin: A menacingly large metal detector sends alarms coursing through the hall upon identifying pens, eyeglass frames, even the shoelace eyelets on boots. was convicted of robbery and murder in Illinois in 1976.

After several minutes on the phone with both the superintendent's office and the state's Department of Corrections in Albany, Sharon is able to clear our cassette recorder through the guard post. While on appeal bond in 1984, she was arrested for robbery in New York State and has not left a prison since. offers no excuses for and asks no sympathy from the people she speaks with.

No blue, black, or orange on anything though." "Why's that?

" "Blue and black are the colors of the officer's uniforms, and their raincoats are orange.

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