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Under the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA), you may request documents from administrative agencies. Loose-leaf Services Most loose-leaf services publish administrative decisions in their subject areas.

For older administrative decisions, loose-leafs are often the only source.

Sample Citation [Bluebook Rule 14] Investment Adviser Performance Compensation, 77 Fed. In addition, the e-CFR is updated regularly with information from the Federal Register Most loose-leaf services are updated daily or weekly and will usually indicate whether there are any proposed changes or final changes that have not yet taken effect. Most researchers will consult an online service, like the e-CFR to make sure the CFR section is current.

In the alternative, you can use print resources to update the CFR: To establish the current validity of an existing regulation, find and read case law (in your jurisdiction) that cites your regulation.

Title 34, Code of Federal Regulations (CFR), Parts 75-79, 81 to 86 and 97-99 EDGAR is currently in transition.

For awards made prior to 12/26/2014, EDGAR Parts 74 and 80 still apply.

The entire process of agency rulemaking is documented in the Federal Register. One way is to look at the annotated statute for reference to regulations.

The Federal Register is the official daily publication for the Rules, Proposed Rules, and Notices of federal agencies and organizations, as well as Executive Orders, Proclamations and other Presidential Documents. Likewise, if you are looking at a statute in a commercial database like Lexis, Westlaw or Bloomberg Law, then you can use a citator (like Shepard's or Key Cite) to locate current materials that cite your statute, such as regulations and secondary sources.

For more information on the transition to 2 CFR Part 200, see the Uniform Guidance Technical Assistance for Grantees You can view current versions of the EDGAR Parts of Title 34 at the e-CFR website, a regularly updated, unofficial, non-legal edition of the CFR, created in a partnership between the Office of the Federal Register and the Government Printing Office. Parts 74 and 80 are only found on the Government Printing Office site for annual CFRs.

Look out for court constitutionality rulings and other holdings affecting the rule's "good law" status.

If you are looking at a regulation in a commercial database like Lexis, Westlaw or Bloomberg Law, then you can use a citator (like Shepard's or Key Cite) to locate current materials that cite the regulation, whether cases or secondary sources.

Here's a great tutorial on admin law research from the Georgetown Law Library, and a six-page outline on administrative law.

For all other research help at HLS, email, call, chat, text us: Ask a Librarian.

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It is printed every day, with about 75,000 pages per year. The CFR is organized into 50 titles which represent broad topics. If a particular section was added or amended later, a separate source note will follow that section. The CFR index is available in print in the library's reading room, or in many of the commercial databases. When keyword searching, try to anticipate the language used by the agency in writing the regulation.

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