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Am I chasing somebody who doesn’t want to be with me?Why do I want to be with somebody who doesn’t see me as a great? When you are able to pin point what went wrong in your last relationship, you are able to begin the process of moving on. If you keep trying to go back and talking to the person, it’s not going to work,” said Field.Blindly throwing yourself back into dating can be messy. Outside help, however, doesn’t mean turning to your family and friends. But Shield suggests that people be careful NOT to do these things: A broken heart is painful, and while it seems like your world is crashing down on you, you have to know things are going to get better.“Seek a professional, read a book or go see a university counselors,” said Field. Feeling sorry for yourself will only magnify the situation and hurt you even more. You don’t have to completely be okay in six weeks, but six weeks is good enough time to wallow in your sorrow and begin the process of moving on.Renowned biological anthropologist and Match.com's scientific adviser Helen Fisher, Ph.D., says the trick is to keep your first dates, especially if you met online, to 20 minutes.

By the second date, you'll have warmed up to each other and will be more forgiving of things that you might have wrongfully over-weighed, such as a stupid comment, on the first date.

Alyssa Johnson, Virginia Tech sophomore said, "After a breakup I like to dress up, just go out with my girls and forget about what happened for awhile.

It's better than just moping around at home alone." It’s easy to think that just because you’re now single, you can go on a hooking up frenzy.

If he's a rapid talker (not to be confused with a smooth, fast-talker), you will generally regard him as educated.

From there, what you're talking about isn't as important as the words you both choose to express your thoughts—certain words say a great deal about who you are biologically, Fisher says.

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Getting back in the game is never an easy task, especially after you've been hurt- and the same goes for the dating game.

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