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What exactly is the difference between a single cruiser and a solo cruiser?

While a single cruiser wants to find others to congregate, a solo cruiser feels comfortable with the idea of good time on her/his own.

Unfortunately, single supplement ends up with so excessive fees that singles would rather share with a stranger in order to save the extra money.

Follow this link for more information on No Single Supplement deals - cruise lines ships with single cabins. When you first find out that you must pay double simply because you have chosen to sail alone, you curse the company.

It is a personal choice to be alone, but it doesn't guarantee a pleasant vacation in our coupled-up world.

Many companies are being advertised as "singles cruise lines", but only a few of them provide solo cabins - designed specifically to accommodate only one passenger.

Not only that, but lines also charge the single guest additional port taxes and charges for the missing traveler as well.

However, each of these themed voyages is always well planned, pretty limited as availability, and bookable through (and hosted by) the cruise line and / or independent travel agencies.

Onboard activities on singles voyages include games, social gatherings, parties, dance lessons, speed dating events, guided shore excursions.

There are cruises for singles with planned pre-cruise events where singles are able to get to know each other.

This type of cruising is quite different from single person cruises where a solo traveler simply embarks on a sea vacation.

"Singles Cruises" are mostly operated with group booking deals - this way prices are cheaper, and all is well organized and pre-planned.

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But if you use choose a matching program, you will be limited to a few lines offering such a program.

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