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You don't have to talk unnaturally and the i Pad will even pick up words correctly from a distance. 2017 I am still pursuing the ideal solution to communication with the hard of hearing via Speech recognition. Is therefore as natural to use as speaking normally and for the recipient to be able to read what is said, clearly I believe that current technology is capable of all of these. Losshour/status/816630556150599680 Lipreading is difficult. Computers are moving rapidly towards mastering lip-reading. (No wonder: for humans, lip reading is brutally difficult and highly error prone.) But new research shows they’re clearly outperforming humans, and improving fast.

Amazingly, if you choose other languages it will attempt a translation and using the font of that country. I have already found ways but I am interested in finding a method which IS 1. So if you’ve been captured on CCTV, with or without audio, it might soon be practical to decipher whatever you were talking about.

Anyway without the subtitles my mum wouldn't have had a clue what was going on and to be honest neither would I and I'm not even deaf!

In experiments I found that one did not have to dictate straight into its microphone. It is very accurate; more so than dictating to Siri on the i Pad.: They do NOT have to be connected to wi-fi. As they said, their speech was often not 'normal', so Glass was found to misinterpret much of what they said.

I ask them to put the subtitles on for the Sunday performance and they oblige. "I went to see the latest Hobbit film at Kingston Odeon with my mum at the weekend.

She's 72 now and as deaf as a post but still drags me along to catch a subtitled film most weeks.

With your help,we have secured the support of ​65 MPs for our wider call for on-demand legislation, and we’ll be working with these MPs to pursue other routes to legislation in 2016, as well as influencing the government’s review of progress in the on-demand industry.

We’re now more determined than ever to ensure that people with hearing loss can have equal access to TV – whatever they watch, however they watch it.

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Later they’ll be gathering feedback and reporting back to NHS England to make sure this transformation is happening.

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