Seroquel too sedating for bipolar

The warnings are off-hand and dismissed as rare occurrences that should not discourage the use of the drug.

Astra Zeneca is even such a good corporate patron, that they will help you get this drug even if you can’t afford it.

It was as if an enormous psychic blanket had been placed over me muffling all my responses to the world around me. The capacity for compassion, love, enthusiasm, or real joy diminished to the point of nothingness. Recognized as the most sedating of all the antipsychotic drugs, Seroquel makes you more than merely sleepy, it produces a state of otherness.

Seroquel produces a state of extreme calm, which verses on the comatose. It is this state on non-self that another prominent side effect of Seroquel manifests itself. Life lived in an insulated bubble of non-feeling and non-caring, seems hardly worthwhile. Should advertising a drug as powerful, with as many side effects -some of them lethal- as Seroquel be done on TV?

This is an effect which may not go away after use is stopped.

Further adjustments should be in increments no greater than 100 mg/day within the recommended dose range of 400-600 mg/day.We are not told about huge volume of sales of this drug, which was more than 3 billion dollars a year in 2006.We are not told how further usage will only increase the high profitability of this already highly profitable drug.Yes, I would agree there is a need for these drugs, but they need to be handled very carefully and not just distributed like so much candy. Little do you know what the experienced effect of Seroquel is until you have gained thirty pounds, felt like a wet blanket, and wondering if live is worthwhile.Or maybe you will get TD (tartive dyskinesa) which is the uncontrollable moment of the face, the tongue, or other body part.

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We’re aware at Alternative to Meds Center of the possible options for Seroquel alternatives that may provide another solution other than taking Seroquel for a lifetime and suffering from this medication’s side effects.

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