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Another part of this book that I got a lot out of was the Yoking Principle.It’s something I remember hearing from my Cru discipler my sophomore year of college – the idea that the two people in a relationship need to be in almost the exact same place in their spiritual journey.But what made a lot of sense to me in this book is what the author basically says in black and white: If there is just one person for you in the world and you never meet them or the relationship ends, you’re screwed.He reinforces that you shouldn’t look for The One, but for the one type of person for you.

I’ve had multiple friends and mentors tell me that there’s no such thing as The One, but for me personally, it seems to conflict with the idea that God is in control and has designed someone specifically for me.Right now at epikos we are in the midst of a special 3 week sermon series entitled Relationship Rehab.Relationships are central to who we are, and affect us on so many levels.There are a few other challenging chapters in the book, especially in regards to cultural perceptions about sex and co-habitation.He even suggests running from a room screaming just to avoid sexual temptation, the same way Joseph literally fled from Potiphar’s wife.

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Sometimes this refers to a non-Christian you think you can flirt to convert, sometimes it refers to the physical boundaries of a relationship, and sometimes it refers to specific financial or cultural values a person has that differ from your own.

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