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This short analysis by Shift aims to help companies and other stakeholders understand the relationship between the provisions of the Act and the expectations of the UN Guiding Principles.

Read the full post here Author: CORE Coalition CORE welcomes today’s announcement from Prime Minister David Cameron that companies with a turnover of more than £36 million will be required to report on slavery and human trafficking in their supply chains from October...

This document provides guidance on: Author: Shift The UK’s Modern Slavery Act..a critical step forwards in strengthening company disclosure on efforts to prevent some of the most serious abuses that exist in today’s global supply chains...

However, the Act has raised questions for many UK companies about the relationship between its provisions..their broader responsibility to respect human rights.

There has also been an upturn in slavery-related civil claims in the UK, with a group of Lithuanian workers suing Kent-based “Happy Egg” producer DJ Houghton and its directors for forcing them to work..inhuman and degrading conditions.

These two cases provide a cautionary tale for global businesses...

With the introduction of the Modern Slavery Act 2015, increasingly close attention will be paid to the efforts made by global businesses in this regard, and they will need to carefully review existing policies and procedures worldwide to ensure they are adequate.

Read the full post here First, the starting point should be human rights due diligence to tackle slavery and trafficking in supply chains as found in the UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights (the ‘Ruggie’ principles).

The new rules, contained in S.54 of the Act, are a significant step forward in both promoting transparency in relation to company actions relation to modern slavery and also may be an important push towards greater private sector positive activity on human rights due diligence in general.CORE is now calling on the government to provide clear guidelines to business, detailing: the steps they are taking to assess and manage the risks of modern slavery in their supply chains; their organisational structure; policies; and staff training on the issue.The government must also ensure that a centralised repository for all slavery and human trafficking statements is established.Comprehensive guidance on the transparency provision has been published by the UK Government.However, below we set out a few issues companies and those who scrutinise companies might want to start thinking about...

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