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You won’t hear any of these spoken in Mercurio’s take on the story — which I’ll review fully when it’s screened next month. You will see sex, but not a lot of it and certainly nothing as explicit as what was in Lawrence’s book.

“The idea,” said Mercurio recently, “was to tell this as a love story, a love triangle, to concentrate on the emotions of the characters”. But Lawrence wasn’t Harold Robbins or Jackie Collins.

FEW things in television drama this year have had as much impact as Aidan Turner’s pectorals.

Only if Penguin were acquitted of breaking the Obscene Publications Act would it be legal to distribute it.You can see why people are making the connection, however lazy it may be.Both are period dramas, both feature handsome young men in the lead, both have the same producer and, crucially, both are tailored to a broad Sunday-night audience... Television bosses trust what they know works, and they know that what’s working right now is Poldark, which has been as big a hit in America as it was in this part of the world.The hunt is already on for “the new Poldark”, even though the current one is still galloping towards production of its second series.An early contender, at least according to some sections of the media, is the BBC1’s upcoming supernatural drama series The Living and the Dead, starring Irish-born Merlin star Colin Morgan as a 19th-century farmer and paranormal investigator obsessed with proving the existence of the afterlife.

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  1. There was only one thing that seemed a little odd to Jane: his syntax occasionally seemed a little unnatural for a native English-speaker, and when they spoke on the phone, something about his voice didn’t seem to match his pictures.