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Or you may prefer to take up a new hobby or sport and would like to think that you may encounter attractive like-minded people whilst keeping fit or learning something new.

Unless you know what you want you will waste a lot of time, effort and also possibly money, doing the things that don’t match up to potentially fulfil your requirements.

“I often tell my clients that they should take a new relationship as a new leaf; a turning of a new page.

Don’t come with high expectations because you’re starting something that you are not sure about.

In order to overcome your initial fear of dating again you will have to take the plunge sooner or later.

How you decide to do this is up to you, although there are a vast number of options available.

Also, Mphunga explains that often when one comes out of a financially benefitting relationship, it’s highly likely that when one comes out of that relationship, they will feel exposed and left with nothing.

This will often lead the person to look for someone that will provide the same things that the person has been used to for years.

“Also, often times the person will have a lot of trust issues, and a deep-set sense of insecurity to such an extent that everything that the person will do will be for the approval of the other party in the relationship, in an effort to prove to the partner that he/she is enough for the them.” Mphunga also says that one could also be emotionally unavailable in the new relationship because he/she entered into it not because he/she wanted to, but because the situation one found him/herself called for it.

what can i do while im waiting for this moment and how can i go on living without him?

We spoke to counselling psychologist, Banetsi Mphunga, on how to navigate the decisions you make about dating after you've just come out of a long-term relationship After having been in a long-term relationship, getting back into the dating world can prove to be tricky, if not, a difficult task.

Just because you are single it doesn’t mean you have to be out there looking for Mr or Ms Right straight away.

You may decide you would rather spend your leisure time in the company of good friends, who might eventually get round to introducing you to their lovely single friends.

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Enjoying every occasion, whatever the outcome, will enable you to grow in social confidence and look forward to increasing your network of friends – male and female.

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