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I also had salmon eggs and blowfish, which is a Japanese delicacy, but if you eat the wrong part of the blowfish, you’ll die.

I took some of my friends to London’s new hotel, The Ned, for the most random Sunday lunch. It’s a traditional broth made with leftover veg and meat. Whitebait to start, roast chicken with a Yorkshire pudding, and a massive apple crumble. A place in Cardiff, known as ‘Chip Alley’, that you only go to after a few drinks at the rugby.

I'm deeply sad to tell you that Kath and I have ended our relationship as couple.

We are both heartbroken." But friends say the Christmas holidays had made the pair realise they were growing apart.

Three and a half years – it was the most amazing experience.

"But Katherine's career is so big now – they were never in an ordinary relationship because they spent so much time apart.

I’ll have a protein-heavy sandwich or salad for lunch then chicken or white fish with veg for dinner.

I love cooking shows where people are really passionate.

I’ve been with Katja now for six months and we were in Barcelona recently – healthy eating wasn’t a priority!

Recently, when Katja and my sister Mererid stayed over, my fridge contained goats’, almond, coconut and cows’ milk.

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"I'm sure there's no-one else involved – they are both heartbroken by what's happened but they accept it is for the best." Jenkins, from Neath, South Wales, has previously described Gethin as "The One".

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