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We heard from about 100 women, some who wear makeup every day and were nervous about being seen without it and some who never wear makeup.

You'll see the faces of 21 of these women — they range in age from 19 to 79 — and read edited excerpts of essays they wrote about their relationship with makeup. Our 'flawed' features are most often admired by those who love us." — Samantha Acord, 19, Garden City"At just a few years old, I was diagnosed with Stevens-Johnson Syndrome, a rare disorder of the skin.

This hotel is the only one in the area that permits nudity inside its facilities, with the exception of the restaurant area.

The rooms have rustic décor and basic amenities, as well as a terrace with a hammock.

It makes me feel good that I am giving my skin a rest or breather and I feel confident and beautiful.

I am not afraid to go out somewhere without makeup." — Darlene Maynor, 52, Sterling Heights"For years, decades, dare I say, even centuries, women have clamored to become treated equally (to) men.

No filter, this is me." — Sachi Lewis, 42, Detroit"I hated the feeling of the makeup on my face, as I always felt like my skin was tight and I always seemed to be checking to make sure it looked OK.

I have been makeup-free for almost a year now and I love it! I do wear lip gloss for dry lips, but many days I don't wear that either.

— Crystal Chatman, 32, Detroit"I have a 2-month-old baby and a 2 1/2- year-old daughter who wake me up at night and early in the morning.

I barely have a minute to shower every day -- much less wear makeup or dry my hair -- between caring for my girls, spending a few minutes with my hardworking husband, and every other thing that I handle falling under the category of full-time mom.

When my family looks at me, I might as well be the most beautiful woman in the world because their love for me makes me feel like I am." — Haley Lenders, 31, Commerce Township"In my younger days, I would never be caught dead in public without makeup.

This hotel also offers wireless Internet access, massage service, a sauna, and a hot tub for an extra charge.

Not long ago, we asked women to show us their faces — without mascara, foundation, eye shadow, blush, lipstick and all the other cosmetics that are supposed to make women look better than they already do.

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