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• Graffitied on the “You Are Leaving Texas” sign that the gang passes as they cross the state border: “YOUR LOSS DIPSHIT.” • One of the adjacent cells near Eugene’s room in Hell contains none other than Adolf Hitler.

• Jesse sees a poster for a place called Angelville, which mysteriously sends him into a daze.

The entire “kidnapping” was an elaborate ruse to confirm that Jesse’s superpowers are legit.

Now that she knows that his powers legit, she and the “super-secret crypto-religious fascist organization with designs on total world domination” — of which she’s actually a member, under the tutelage of a Dr.

In season one, Jesse told Cassidy that Eugene intentionally shot Tracy after she rejected him.

Eugene talks her out of it — burning the note in the process — and takes the opportunity to kiss her.

Tracy is disgusted; she grabs the gun and pulls the trigger after all. As Tracy’s mother attempts to break through the locked bedroom door, Eugene realizes he is trapped, and shoots himself.

Evil–looking dude named Herr Starr — can figure out what to do about it.

Jesse’s list of rivals and adversaries just keeps getting longer.

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