Doesnt deserve dating

But what else can be inferred from a trailer that, by highlighting Chris Brown’s depleted social standing and resulting stress, necessarily implies a juxtaposition of his sinking fame with the ever-growing success of his ex-girlfriend?

Usually, they follow a cycle of ups and downs, good times and bad, loving behavior and abuse.” It’s like he’s saying that intentionally causing harm to another human being was just a simple lapse of judgement and self control that he doesn’t deserve to suffer for anymore.Of course, the response should be that he is an able-bodied male who knew what he was doing when he put his girlfriend in a headlock and proceeded to beat her, but unfortunately we live in a society that continuously pardons and pities offenders of — specifically — violence against women. Take, for example, the Steubenville rape case trials in 2013, when came under fire for lamenting the ruined futures of two teens convicted of raping an underage girl.Chris Brown is capitalizing off of his own violent acts — commodifying the actual, literal pain he inflicted on a person he was in a romantic relationship with.Usher remarks in the trailer, “If you truly love Chris Brown, then you felt everything that has gone on with him.” But combatting domestic violence is about prevention and trauma care, not spinning one’s life in some attempt to spring back into public favor by pandering to voyeuristic consumerism.

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Patti explained, “We were really good friends, the three of us. [Jill’s husband] Bobby gave you the world, let you travel with him, paid for you, did [so much] for you.’ When people are mean to other people, they don’t deserve love. On Wednesday night NHL player Nate Thompson appeared on RHONY with Bethenny, where they didn’t comment on the nature of their relationship, and it was definitely the elephant in the room.

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