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"No, no," she said quickly as if the very idea of marriage was somehow silly or unnecessary.

About my age, and beautiful, with dark hair and a petite frame, she quickly changed the subject to something she seemed much more interested in: training for the Moscow Marathon in the fall.

Russian men are slightly easier to impress than Russian women, but they also make much faster judgments about whether or not a woman is right for them – and they can be very dismissive if they decide you’re not the one (and difficult to convince otherwise).

This could mean something as simple as clean jeans and shoes instead of tattered ones with old sneakers.

As long as you try to wear high-quality, clean, neat clothes whether they’re simple or outrageous, it will be appreciated.

This doesn’t mean going through his stuff, but just doing small things like washing the dishes, putting away the video games scattered all over the floor, making the bed, folding any clothes strewn about the place, and so on.

He might not even mention it, or he might act offended, but he will actually be pleasantly surprised.

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Just as is the case for Russian women, there are certain things that Russian men like and even expect from Russian women ​and would like to see the same in a partner who is not from Russia – although they might never admit it.

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