Dating anvils

Val (the welding Guru) had one for a little over 2$ a pound that sounded like it was in pretty good shape.

He said it had been purchased new by a Vocational School in the 60s (? This is the sight that greeted me after a 58 mile drive.

After a couple of treatments of aircraft stripper and some Easy-Off oven cleaner I was able to get at the markings.

The telltale arm and hammer indicate it is a Vulcan anvil.

A continued examination of the heavy metal subculture focusing on the adaptation and performance of heavy metal in various global communities, and how the increased import of Western cultural forms has impacted new global markets.

One of the trends I’ve noticed in the past few years is that a week or two before the CAMS Annual Yard Sale guys will start listing stuff that they won’t be bringing to the sale (too big or bulky).My next step is to find a nice hardwood stump to make a stable stand for this anvil, and start using it. I mentioned to a buddy at work who cuts alot of trees that I was looking for a nice hardwood stump for my new toy.He says he will get me a nice piece of cherry that was hit by lightning in the next few weeks.Lips and Robbo, the two fiftysomething never-say-never-again rockers at the heart of the film, are such fascinating, lovable characters, half heroes, half putzes, partly delusional, yet partly triumphant too.They're good at what they do, they know it and love it and can't stop doing it, even though the music industry passed them over a long, long time ago.

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