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The lamp body is cast from the same original lamp that produced the Luna above.(about 3.75" by 3") The lion was not only popular as a figure on its own in Roman art, but also frequently appeared in conjunction with other Roman figures such as Hercules and Cybele.They were also closely tied to the Roman god Bacchus, who was patron of wine.The body of this replica Roman lamps is cast from the same original lamp used to make the Luna.(3.75" by 3") A plain firmalampen, this style came into fashion about AD 70.

Over the past 18 years, Father Nguyen Huu Triet has painstakingly collected nearly 1,400 lamps dating back from the fifth century BC to the late twentieth century.

Hong Kong’s lamps using Kerosene in late twentieth century. Indonesian peanut oil lamps of the XVI-XVIII centuries.

French Kerosene lamp in the early twentieth century. Chinese peanut oil lamp in late nineteenth century.

(about 3.75" by 3")Ostia was the primary port for the city of Rome, and many amphorae of wine passed through its gates over the centuries.

Grapes were a symbol of plenty for peoples all over the Roman Empire and the ancient classical world.

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