Dating a dork

TOPICS OF CONVERSATION THAT WILL TURN A NERD'S HEAD MAURA: If you want to attract a nerd, are there certain topics of conversation that will make his ears perk up? It's amazing how many guys will snap to attention if you share your own nerdy obsessions. A SURE SIGN THAT A NERD IS FALLING FOR YOU MAURA: What's a pretty good sign a nerd is falling for you?

MATT: He actually notices he's rambling on about the neurology behind toxoplasmosis, for instance, and stops himself, saying, "But enough about zombies.

I still can't say that I'm a die hard video game fan; however, I do enjoy an occasional round of "Grand Theft Auto" now more than I did.

It's also amusing for your significant other to watch you struggle through a mind-numbingly easy game like "Worms," or a ridiculous game like "Octodad." That being said, just like Nelly Furtado, I reach a point where we don't gotta play games no more. Dating a nerd is likely to open you up to a whole array of new things you didn't really know about before.

"The Boss of Nerd Nite" (as well as the author of the very nerdy book Anyway, I asked Matt if he had any special advice about how to flirt with the nerds.... HOW TO IDENTIFY A NERD MAURA: Let's get serious now — very serious.... MATT: As the Boss of Nerd Nite, I've always maintained a very broad — and thus, very inclusive — definition of The word applies to anyone who is both passionate and knowledgeable about one particular thing.

MATT: Just tell him you're a nerd too and share a story about how you were a smart little kid or can name 65 different handbag designers.

He'll be instantly sidetracked from his own tales of nerdom and attracted to your own dorky pursuits. MATT: On a side note, however, if you ever want to "cure" him of his nerdery, that's a bad sign.

MAURA: Speaking from experience, I can back you up on that.

And of course, I think all of us are suckers for a good listener. It's a winning flirtation technique any way you cut it. MAURA: In what ways are nerds different from other guys when it comes to dating? If a nerd goes out with a coiffed, perfectly tan Barbie doll, he'll probably become bored (albeit extremely horny) within a few minutes.

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