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The bridge is not the only spot where suicides have occurred.

In July two men killed themselves in one day, in unrelated incidents, because they could not find work.

In March, two construction workers from the neighboring Marii-El republic hung themselves in the attic of a Cheboksary house they were renovating. The administrative city center is all on the right bank, and then you have a recreation zone on the left bank. But after the breakup of the Soviet Union, many of the factories closed. Spain-based Roca, one of the world’s biggest bathroom fixture manufacturers, has three factories in the republic, with the newest one opened in June.We are not a very commercial organization — we do not advertise too much. People come based on someone else’s recommendation. In the countryside you’re either a farmer or work for a farmer — here there are more options. There is more trust; you know the person you are lending to.It’s easier in the village because you know what the person does, or “what they breathe,” as we say. A: You can walk on the banks of the Volga River and wander through the taiga.As president, Vladimir Putin awarded Cheboksary with the title of best-run city in 2002.Cheboksary’s air is fresh, and the streets are clean and tidy, though unpaved in some places. “Everyone jumps from here,” said Irina Pavlova, a Cheboksary journalist, pointing dismissively toward the Moscow Bridge, a suicide destination among locals.

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