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I know the countries mainly muslim and Catholic i think? I just find a bit confusing and wondered if anyone can explain a little Also he wears a Jesus on a cross necklace but says it was just a present?

Thanks ladies Hello Claire my husband is not albanian he is a muslim and knows alot of albanian men that go to the Mosque who are obviously Muslims.

Mother Teresa was the great saint from Albania who got the Nobel Prize.

The only other Nobel Prize winner of Albanian origin was Ferid Murad (USA) who won the 1998 prize for Medicine.

We never go to mosques we don't even know how to pray (and actually we don't care about religion). People in albania in general will marry people from other religions, e.g.

I just didnt know if he just didnt want to talk about it lol, I have been christened and have no idea what part of christianity...During that time you will find most of the houses empty and all come together for common walking.Hi my partner is Albanian He doesnt say alot about religion in Albania, he says it has a sort of no religion.Im sure it should all be fine as hes been living in UK for 10 years and seems to not know a great deal himself about Albania!Thanks xx i think different areas have different customs all over albania.

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My partner is from Vlore which is a busy resort and fairly laid back although i have been to different parts of albania where the customs/beliefs are slightly different.

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