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Yet the advantage of AMS dating stated here is "can use smaller sample size", not "can give dates much farther into the past using the same sample size".Are the machines too expensive to build one that can test larger samples?The third contribution, instrument background, has a number of sources.

Thus a 1 mg sample of infinitely old carbon would measure at least 0.1 p MC (percent modern carbon) before background subtraction...

Then the maximum age you can date is $$ T_\mathrm = \tau \log_2\left(\frac\right), $$ where $\tau = 5700\ \mathrm$ is the half-life of C-14.

If you decrease $N_\mathrm$ by a factor of 0$ (which seems to be the claim in the link), you increase $T_\mathrm$ by $ half-lives, or 000\ \mathrm$.

Reducing the sample size doesn't reduce systematic errors and it doesn't make any sense to improve statistical errors past the point of no-return in any experiment. contamination, increasing the count of atoms won't help, either.

There is, of course, also the component of cost and experimental complexity.

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Though Baumgardner calls a 1 mg sample “tiny” [6], it is generally considered “large” by AMS laboratories [e.g., 5, 7, 8], with enough carbon to provide ion source current for about a day.

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